Dérive: Perambulatory Reading Group

12 June 2016


Venue: Pennyfields, London E14 8HS, United Kingdom

Organiser: The Perambulatory Reading Group

The Peramulatory Reading group has been devised by Alice White, Hannah Zafiropoulos and Rosie Hermon. As students of the curating course at the RCA they have a shared interest in socially and politically engaged practices and in thinking about alternative forms of participation and education.

The dérive: a mode of experimental behaviour linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique of rapid passage through various ambiances

Taking as its starting point Debord’s definition of the dérive, the perambulatory reading group will participate in a psychogeographic discussion exercise on the city’s streets, in order to investigate an area of the city currently undergoing a period of intense change.

After a collective reading around the dérive at the beginning of the event, participants will be invited to listen to a variety of short text-excerpts, whilst undertaking self-directed and circuitous wanderings between certain fixed points on a map. At each agreed meeting point everyone will come together as a group to discuss the excerpts and the impact that the varied cityscape has had on their interpretation.

Each participant will be encouraged to document the walk however they choose (through text/ sound recordings/ photographs etc.) in order to create an alternative and collaborative map that aims to capture a changing landscape. A smartphone and headphones will be required in order to fully participate, as these will be used as tools to mediate experience.