Degenerate Space

6 September 2016


Venue: Cressingham Gardens, Tulse Hill, SW2

Organiser: Degenerate Space

Degenerate Space is led by Rosa, Molly and Alice whose collective backgrounds are in the fields of music, anthropology and theatre making. We live locally to the estate and, as Londoners, the changes happening to the city brought up many questions about the concepts of 'home', belonging, identity, power, authority, the built environment and the links between aesthetics and ideology. When plans to demolish the estate were put forward, these ideas suddenly became solidified and represented in a real life context. This is our first artistic collaboration.

Degenerate Space, is a site-specific performance project on Cressingham Gardens Estate in Tulse Hill, South London. We want to highlight the existence on and of the estate, a place that has been deemed by a power, which is at once seemingly arbitrary but also extremely potent, to no longer be fit for existence. By existence, we mean both the human lives and experiences, which the estate is home to and the existence of the estate as a structure, and more widely, the existence of these things in a socio-historical context. We are interested in exploring the changes that are being enforced on the residents from many different angles and how these changes sit with the estate’s history. To do this, we attend meetings, talk to residents and engage with the community in diverse ways. As part of highlighting Cressingham Gardens as a place, a core part of the project is to give a platform to residents’ own creative responses to the changes happening to their home.

The final performance will be largely verbatim, made of residents testimonies and our research collected over the time we spend there. The performance will take place outdoors, on the estate making use of a combination of live performance, sound and video projection. The whole performance will not exceed one hour.