Decoding the New(s)

11 June 2016


Venue: Rochester Library, Eastgate, Rochester, Kent ME1 1EU

Organiser: Medway Free Skool

Medway Free Skool is a new experiment in collaborative community education, inspired by the likes of Paulo Freire, Ivan Illich and Augusto Boal. It aims to create a non-hierarchical 'University' in the original sense, where there is a coming together of peers to share, learn and develop.

What can we learn from today’s headlines? This workshop aims to navigate the tangled path of media bias, exploring the flimsy barrier between fact and opinion. How is social media and 24 hour news changing the way we receive, interact and experience information about the world around us and how should we cope with it?

Part discussion and part experiment, participants will be encouraged to deconstruct the news, verbally and physically rearranging meanings, leading to the creation of collaborative artwork that explains the truth as they experience it. Expect a mixture of cut up, collage, ad busting and lots of PVA glue!

If you would like to be involved, why not bring along a copy of an article or headline that makes you mad, sad or confused and throw it into the mix.