11 June 2016


Venue: Venue to be added 2 May

Organiser: Sharon Bennett and Tom West

Through a collaborative practice, Sharon Bennett acts as a facilitator, creating opportunities for the artist, collaborators and audience to have a dialogue with one another and with the work. Sharon’s current work draws on the idea that we are all a reserve of accumulated knowledge that is inherited, passed on and shared across generations and between peers. Tom Jeram-West is a designer-maker specialising in fibre and textiles-related handcrafts. As well as simply making for the sheer pleasure of it, he enjoys exploring the complex relationships between materials and methods; decoration and function; the historical and the contemporary, and the cultural and the social, in the context of his specialism.

Artist SHARON BENNETT and Designer-Maker TOM JERAM-WEST present CROSHARE, part crochet workshop, part participatory art project, part craft based get together.

Croshare is a participatory art event in which knowledge of, and skills for, crochet are passed on from artists to participants in an exploration of the relationship between the master and the apprentice.

Croshare builds on the current trend for reviving yarn crafts like knitting, crochet and embroidery. Croshare removes crochet from the domestic sphere and situates it in a contemporary art practice framework.

Participants contribute to the creation of an artefact that evolves organically over the course of a day. Beginners learn new skills, the more experienced pass on knowledge, people meet for the first time and stories are shared. The final artefact will be a creation of many hands, representing the richness gained by the coming together of a community of experiences and circumstances.

All Welcome.