Common Ground

14 June 2017


Venue: Grow Elephant; 100 New Kent Road; SE17 1SL


UN-MAPPING FUTURES: is a research group for an inclusive curatorial and learning practice within the institutional setting, aiming to address underrepresented audiences in risk of alienation. With the raise of hate speech in mainstream politics around the globe, the need for self criticism in public spaces becomes fundamental to emancipate a diverse artistic and professional practice from the dominant institutional discourse. As we work in the arts, our main concern is on the one hand, the relation between art practice and public policies, and on the other hand, between aesthetics and politics. Our practise is both curatorial and educational, we create exhibitions and events that can take any form the public wants. We also offer inclusive educational resources to make this organic and flexible experience happen. Research is the best method we find to be openly loyal to a diverse public when ‘playing’ together in this ‘common playground’.

Is the public museum a real common space? What public and community have in common? What actually means ‘common’ when we talk about a space that is equally inclusive and diverse? Does my identity matter to the public museum? Many of us are already working around these questions and we want to meet many more. Join us for a public discussion about community spaces for dialogue and our collective representation in the public museum. You will participate in the discussion, trying to find answers or creating new possible questions.

We are joining forces with Antiuniversity NOW and Grow Elephant for the first time and would love you to be involved in a research-led participatory intervention at this ephemeral common ground.

Un-Mapping Futures is working from the margins of the institution and we are particularly interested in peripheral practices aimed to solve the public/institution dichotomy to reclaim such an ambiguous territory. We will do so exploring different artistic approaches to the idea of the ‘common(s)’ with different practitioners who are embedded in their communities, currently challenging public museums with subversive discourses and new (de)constructive techniques.

Be part of the discussion, be part of the change!