Co-counselling: An introduction to peer-to-peer counselling techniques

11 June 2017


Venue: Five Years gallery, Elthorne Road, London N19 4AJ

Organiser: Milile Darling

Millie is co-counsellor (fundamentals training), activist, cyclist, and writer. She passionately believes in the importance of expressing rather than suppressing emotions, which is why she started co-counselling.

Co-counselling is a method for working through issues and emotions with a supportive partner, and supporting your partner to do the same. Co-counselling can help participants develop self-confidence, become more comfortable with emotions, and deal with issues from the past that are affecting the present. In this workshop we will run through the main techniques used in co-counselling and give you the opportunity to try them out with each other. Check out the Co-counselling UK website for more information about what it’s all about: