Clown About Town: Clown Thresholds in Public Spaces - Lecture Performance

6 December 2016


Venue: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, 62-64 Eton Ave, London, NW3 3HY

Organiser: India Georgina Smith, Helen Iskander, Samuel Hopkins, Veronika Szabo

We are (India, Sam, Vera) students of MA in Advanced Theatre Practice and (Helen) MA in Actor Coaching and Training from Central School of Speech and Drama. We are all interested in clowns, performed or directed clown performances.

As part of Performing Research Unit at Central School of Speech and Drama we did a practice based research on clowning in public spaces. We created an academic lecture to share our findings.

Clown About Town: Clown Thresholds in Public Spaces - Performance Lecture

Do we know a clown when we see one? At what point can an interruption in a public space become clowning? Through the alteration of clown indicators such as gesture, appearance, duration and physicality, we play with interruption and disruption in public spaces to explore what that reveals about the semiotics of the clown. In this Performance Lecture we will present our findings about the interruptive clown experiments we did on and around Oxford Street. The lecture will be rigourously academic, disruptive and fun!

Presented by: Samuel Hopkins, Helen Iskander, India Smith and Veronika Szabó