Catford , Ladywell fields and Lewisham Hospital walk

11 June 2017


Venue: meet by exit from Platform 1 at Catford Bridge Station on Adenmore Road

Organiser: Tim

Tim, proud to be Lewisham resident (for over seven years now). Experienced tour guide and active in local groups. The history and ecology etc of this rapidly-changing area have proved to be of great interest; and much still to find out. I hope participants on this walk will add to my store of knowledge.

When people pass through Catford on the South Circular, it looks like another faceless suburb marked by post-war Brutalism and attempts at regeneration. The walk will attempt to sensitise to typical urban features and show how the cityscape might be ‘read’. Catford, an Anglo-Saxon name but mostly developed in the 19th C. with the railway (1857) and the need for homes caused by London’s rapid expansion. What can we say about current trends e.g. pushback against Barratt’s plan to build a 19 storey tower which then had to be withdrawn (2016)? Now Catford has an annual Arts Trail; creativity flourishing and/or gentrification signal? Lewisham boasts fine parks which likewise are subject to many pressures. As a member of the Ladywell Fields Users’ Group, I observe how the various players e.g. Council, park keepers, builders and its many users (try to?) resolve the issues. Finally at University Hospital Lewisham, we’ll celebrate the community based campaign (2012-2013) against government plans to close the highly-rated A&E Dept. That program was caused by the PFI issues (‘odious debt’?) of the South London Healthcare NHS Trust which ULH is not a member of. Suitable for ppl w/ mobility issues.