9 June 2018


Venue: 46a Athelstan Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 2BB

Organiser: Well Projects

Well Projects is an artist-led organisation that operates as a flexible events space and supports a public programme. Inhabiting a small shop-front in Margate, Well Projects works with artists and practitioners to present a varied programme of reading groups, film screenings, performances, workshops and exhibitions.

Well Projects invites you to a day of activities centred around on/offline publishing, held within our temporary library dedicated to four peripheral figures in a fragmented history of data collection and distribution.

In an interactive workshop, hosted at midday by Well Projects members, works by Jennifer Lyn Morone™, Carolee Schneeman, Zach Blas and The Pocket Armenian (a roleplaying community) will provide a lens to explore data collection and distribution. Through discussion, writing and collating we will connect each of the figures represented in the library and attempt to produce a new, self-governed data narrative.

Feel free to drop in throughout the day and sit awhile with the library collection and a cup of tea.

After a short break, Well Projects will reopen (7pm) for a screening of Hito Steyerl’s In Free Fall (2010) - a trio of film works which tell the story of the current global economic crisis through an intertwined narrative of people, places and an aeroplane junkyard in the Californian desert.