22 November 2021


Venue: HEJ Cafe basement, 1 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3UN

Organiser: The THERE-THERE School of English Dada

From 2010 – 2014 I lived in Zurich researching the dada artists to try to get closer to the crux of art, humour and nonsense. There I started performing as “The There-There School of English dada” (a title which encompassed anyone who wanted to take part, regardless of nationality) attempting to unite Britain and dada by looking at why dada did not move to Britain after the First World War. Most of these performances included drawing parallels between dada and British traditions and a heritage of nonsense in Britain. In them, I very much identified myself as British, using humour, word-play and pronunciation to the extent that to a non-native speaker it would be nigh-on-impossible to understand. Afterwards, studying “Curation and Arts education” in German these performances expanded into art education workshops, using misunderstanding, language difficulties and non-language modes of expression to mirror the language of the works.

A performance lecture on dada / art education looking at a few anti-art parallels by considering the level of paradox present in arts education discourse as a new form of dada. The talk will be illustrated with examples of artists deliberately addressing neo-liberal funding talk and the state of arts education in Europe. Snippets from past performances as The THERE-THERE School of English Dada and extracts from a sitcom based on arts education entitled - IT’s ART BABY: The Non-importance of being Earnest” will be included.

Copious amounts of tea and red wine available!