Art & Commercialism / Advertising as Public Art

11 June 2016


Venue: Location given on booking (outdoors)

Organiser: Hannah Ellis

Hannah Ellis is a designer, educator and recent graduate from the RCA. Her work explores how graphic design can be used as an educational tool – and how arts education can become a more inclusive activity.

The arts world has become an increasingly impenetrable bubble – a luxury often accessible only to the wealthy few. At the same time, however, society at large is constantly forced into engaging with visual culture, in the form of advertising. We get bombarded with visual messages everyday designed to catch our attention, maintain our gaze, and foster an emotional relationship with objects for consumption.

Can this relationship between ‘art for a few’ and ‘advertising for all’ be unpicked, turned on its head, and manipulated into something more akin to ‘art for all’?

To unpick this topic, we’ll be holding a street seminar – relating to and responding to a commandeered advertising space. For the event, this space will become a site for public arts education rather than advertising, with a piece that will remain pasted up beyond the discussion.