An Inclusive Islam

11 June 2017


Venue: MayDay Rooms, 88 Fleet St, London EC4Y 1DH

Organiser: George Toon

George Toon is a white queer convert to Islam and studies Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths, London. He is currently in Cairo working on his critical and artistic practice which focuses around the central issues of language, history and sexuality. In London, he has been producing audio guides of paintings in the National Gallery, London that challenge received interpretations of traditional art.

“An Inclusive Islam” is a queer/femme/non binary Muslim space held in London. In light of rising Islamophobia across the world, this event aims to celebrate queer/femme/non-binary Islamic and Muslim histories, peoples and culture in order to show and celebrate our diversity . The event will be held during the holy month of Ramadan and we want to share this experience of community, compassion and learning to those outside of our communities.

Throughout the day there will be prayers, lectures, poetry readings and performances by various people in the community. In addition there will be a library where you can read more about our histories and experiences. We hope to share our voices, experiences, histories, dreams and realities with you in a safe, engaging and inclusive way.