Alternatives: AltMFA looks at AU

21 November 2021


Venue: HACKNEY ARCHIVES Dalston CLR James Library Dalston Square E8 3BQ

Organiser: AltMFA

Alt MFA is an Alternative Master of Fine Art Course established in 2010, by artists, for artists, as a free alternative to studying a university-based Masters programme in London. Alt MFA incorporates the most desirable elements of an MFA course: space to work, collaborators to argue with, and a social sphere to move within. We squeeze into any space and adapt it to our ends. Alt MFA is non-hierarchical and self-directed; participants set the curriculum.

Alt MFA members will lead an anti-structured session, inspired by the experiential learning of the Anti-University. Starting as a typical ‘AltMFA meeting’ within Hackney Archives the group will then take a short walk tour and in Alt MFA fashion (and the later stages of AU) will end at a nearby pub at 5.30pm. Using playful mechanisms to explore the relationships to institutions, self-run content and ad-hoc organisation, we’ll delve into the paradox of alternative education; the need to loose structure with the need to create a new one for ourselves. Founded in 2010, Alt MFA is a free, peer-led alternative to Master of Fine Arts, run by artists for artists around London. Organised by AltMFA members; Sadie Edginton, Amy Leung, Ben Newell, Rebecca Olajide, Shinji Toya.