11 June 2016


Venue: Hackney Museum, Technology & Learning Centre, 1 Reading Lane E8 1GQ

Organiser: Nikki Kane

Nikki Kane creates provoking, engaging experiences through curating, facilitation, research, performance, installation, and image-based works. She is concerned with drawing attention to constructs that are present within our surroundings and interactions, and to layers and details that are present and may be overlooked.

Aloud will be a reading and discussion event centred around 1 or 2 specific texts. Unlike other reading groups, texts will not be read beforehand. Instead the text will be read collectively during the event, with participants taking lines each and the whole group following on.

This event aims to open out the form of reading and bring theoretical, academic or philosophical texts to an open and collective environment. By collectively reading the text together, all participants will be on a similar playing field for discussing the work, and the very act of reading in this way will provoke particular understandings or ideas to fuel the discussion.

(Texts tbc - I would like to give this more thought, and can write new copy that includes details of themes of the texts)