A very short course in self-care and mutual care

12 June 2016


Venue: 385 Queens Road, London SE14 5HD

Organiser: The Field

The Field is co-operatively run community space in New Cross, South East London.

Please provide a short description (200 word max) of your event. How do you look after yourself and others in daily life? What types of care do you need to get through the week? What is your comfort when the world seems harsh and exhausting? This will be a set of participatory workshops in which we share our methods for looking after ourselves and each other in often inhuman systems that sap our time and energy, or while fighting against those systems. After establishing the curriculum for the day, we will learn together what we already know, and so broaden our knowledge. The course will take place at The Field, an experimental community centre. It will involve regular Field participants and anyone else who wants to join us in sharing. The course will end with cooking together in the evening.