A Citizens Income - could it work?

11 June 2017


Venue: Conway Hall (Brockway Room), Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Organiser: Positive Money

Positive Money is part of a global movement to democratise money so that it works for society and not against it. We’re working to tackle an issue that is at the root of many of the social and economic problems that we’re facing today. The control of the creation of money, in the hands of banks, has contributed to the problems of: unaffordable housing high unemployment high personal debt growing inequality high government debt financial crisis and economic instability

A topic that’s generating interest at the moment. What if every adult in the UK was guaranteed a basic income whether you worked or were unemployed? Is it feasible? Has it been tried before? Could it work? Would it cripple our economy? Would we all become work-shy?

These questions and more will be up for debate. There would be: 4 panel members; 2 speaking for the motion and 2 against

  • we hold a vote to see what audience members think
  • the panel present their arguments
  • Questions from the floor
  • We hold a vote on whether the audience members think a citizens income is a good idea.